We create a Window to Nature
Crisp creeks, towering mountains
and green meadows
Right where you would like
to see them
Stream our HD Videos to your Apple TV
Nature plays a major role in our daily grind
Stay in touch with wilderness and the
adventurous side of life
Why Vindora?
Welcome to a new dimension. Welcome to the "Everywhere" and Now.
Nowadays nature plays a major role in our daily grind.
We long for her, even if we won’t realise it directly.
We as humans are a part of nature and her precious and unique beauty. Vindora brings us closer to the core of ourselves, no matter where we are.
A Beautiful Place
Our skilled team sets out for the most idyllic and spectacular sceneries.
The Footage
Only the best pictures are then meticulously inspected, edited and processed.
Our Servers
The videos are stored on fast and reliable servers, ready to play.
Your Apple TV
This little gem connects to our servers and brings nature's beauty to your premises.
Choose your favorite clips via our app and stream them to a projector or TV.
What you need
  • Apple TV
    The heart and brain of the Vindora system
  • A connection to the internet
    Vindora works via Wi-Fi or Ethernet
  • A projector or TV
    Large or small, this one is up to you