Vindora - Alpine Ambient Video Wallpapers

Alpine Video Wallpapers for iOS

We’ve just released our iOS App. Download it here for free: Vindora – Relaxing And Calming Alpine Ambients Vindora – Endless Nature Ambient Video Wallpapers with Relaxing Alpine Mountainviews and epic sceneries of Nature’s Wilderness. Playback these wonderful sceneries offline (No WiFi available) or stream […]

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Bodensee - Lindau

Vindora – Lake of Constance

It was a perfect winter’s morning. On the Island called Lindau we took some pictures of a new styled and redecorated salon called „La Passione – Hair Fashion“ which my girlfriend worked on the last 14 days. By the way check her work out […]

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Tripod Tiltall - Walchensee Lake

Vindora – Shooting

Yeah, this picture was taken with my other cam Fuji x100s and shows my christmas present. A carbon tripod from Tiltall. It was a beautiful sunny afternoon at Lake Walchensee without snow. Really unusual in December. If you want to see the result check out […]

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Walchensee Lake

Vindora – Walchensee

This is Lake Walchensee in December 2015. The Mountain is Mt. Herzogstand. A beautiful lake right behind Lake Kochelsee. In between the two lakes are two starting points for some good hikes. 1. Herzogstand (possible to continue to the peaks of Heimgarten) 2. Jochberg Go […]

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Oeschinensee Lake

Vindora – Oeschinensee

This is the most stunning lake in switzerland. I called this Vindora „Zauberufer“. (Magic Shore). Start your hike early from Kandersteg up to the Oeschinensee Lake. We found a nice campingsite to celebrate vanlife on the start of the trail to the Oeschinensee Lake.

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