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Alpine Video Wallpapers for iOS

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We’ve just released our iOS App.
Download it here for free: Vindora – Relaxing And Calming Alpine Ambients

Vindora – Endless Nature Ambient Video Wallpapers with Relaxing Alpine Mountainviews and epic sceneries of Nature’s Wilderness.

Playback these wonderful sceneries offline (No WiFi available) or stream it when you are online (WiFi available).

Two Premium Videos in full length and endless loop are included in this free app.

• The Matterhorn seen from Riffelsee Lake
• Oeschinensee Lake in Switzerland

Preview all other videos for 20 seconds or upgrade to the Premium Package to watch all videos in endless loop and full length via one single In App Purchase.

Stream it on your device or watch it on the go when no WiFi is available.

Welcome to a new dimension. Welcome to the “Everywhere” and Now.

• Nature Ambient Video Wallpaper
• Endless Loop
• 14 different sceneries
• Enjoy and Relax at work or in your livingroom while doing yoga
• All clips have relaxing nature sounds

Nowadays nature plays a major role in our daily grind.
We long for her, even if we don’t realize it directly.

Our clips were taken with alpine mountain love at:

• Eibsee Lake, Bavaria, Germany
• Walchensee Lake, Bavaria Germany
• Oeschinensee Lake, Kandersteg, Switzerland
• Schönsee, Schöngau, Germany
• Zugspitze, Germany
• Karwendel Mountains, Austria
• Dachstein Mountains, Austria
• Mt. Matterhorn, Zermatt, Switzerland
• Stellisee Lake, Zermatt, Switzerland
• Grundjisee Lake, Zermatt, Switzerland

We as humans are a part of nature and her precious and unique beauty.
Vindora takes us back to the heart of things, no matter where we are.

• Enjoy our high quality Vindoras with relaxing sounds
• Welcome your guests and let them feel relaxed
• Play these wonderful sceneries offline or stream it online on your way to work

You can experience Vindora everywhere. Offline and online.

Our stunning mountainviews and landscapes are there to help you wind down after a long day and relax.

•• Our Videos are Full HD 1080p and include calming audio.

• Birds chirping
• Water flowing
• Creeks trickling
• Chirping
• Natural Noise
• Wind
• Waterfalls
• Ducks

This is the precious alternative to the fireplace and fish-tank app.
Enjoy our clips while you are doing yoga, pilates and all kind of sports.

Relaxing before sleep with tranquil atmosphere.
Have a better sleep and calm down before you going to bed.

Dive into nature on beautiful places all over Bavaria, Austria and Switzerland.

Use Vindora to create a place of freedom.


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